The Aura of Sports Collectibles

Sports, statistics, players and memories are all a part of why sports collectibles are in such demand. If you can acquire sports cards of some of your favorite athletes from years gone by, not only will you have evidence of some of your favorite memories, you will find that they are worth some money too.

Collecting sports memorabilia can be a fun hobby, but it can also be worthwhile from a financial standpoint. As an example, a Phil Rizzuto baseball card, of the Yankees shortstop from the 1950s is worth anywhere from $125 to $190.

A 1933 DeLong card of Lou Gehrig, the Yankees slugger is worth $36,354. And the list goes on and on with baseball cards from all of the greats and not so greats being worth lots of money, and they are traded and auctioned all of the time to a very wide following of enthusiastic traders.

Items such as gloves, bats, shoes, uniforms, footballs, baseballs, basketballs, and anything of value that pertains to a team, a player or their equipment is fair game as far as the enthusiasts of the collection of sports collectibles are concerned.

Photographs of the favorite stars of the day receiving accolades, appearing with other stars, appearing with other famous people of the day and anything that brings back memories are acceptable sports memorabilia.

Actually the collection of sports artifacts and memorabilia is a billion dollar industry, and it is also a growing industry. The aspect of the scope spans five generations of sports minded collectors which has generated a robust market for everything sports.

When you find that authentic baseball cards of some of the greatest players of all time are worth millions of dollars, and the bat that Babe Ruth used to hit the first ball out of Yankee Stadium is worth $1.2 million you begin to grasp the scope of the phenomenon.

Of course when anything of this magnitude exists and the course and trend of the movement is on a constant upward path, the possibility of counterfeit infiltration sets in. And the pastime of sports collectibles has been no exception. Fakes and scams have abounded, as noted at card shows and internet scams.

With modern technology such as holograms to confirm the validity of photos and autographs, it is much more difficult to pass off originals which are worth lots of money, but with many of the less expensive items, it is buyer beware at all times.

Even with all the hype about the values of various items, with everyone hoping that the items they own will turn into a retirement plan someday, just the collection of these items are a lot of fun. The possibility of anything turning into a more valuable treasure is just icing on the cake for the serious collector.

Collecting sports memorabilia can be a very enjoyable pursuit, and hours of enjoyable searching, categorizing and trading can pass the time in a very satisfying manner. Memories are much more than just a card or a bat, they are memories of who you spent the time with when those memories were being made.

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