The Era Of Sports Collectibles

Sports collectibles today is a billion dollar industry, and no wonder, as our society is obsessed with sports. Each of the major sports, baseball, football and basketball attracts millions of fans each year, and other sports such as auto racing, golf and tennis support many fans as well.

When it comes to memories of sporting events, players, and stars of the past, it is the memorabilia and collectible items that millions buy, trade, sell and hoard that brings such interest to the activity.

Aside from the pleasure of collecting these items, there are many different things that are very valuable as well. For example a Phil Rizzuto baseball card from the mid 1950’s is worth nearly $200 now which is a big leap in value from the five cents it originally cost to purchase the bubble gum package where the card resided.

Today a 1933 Lou Gehrig card in its original form is worth a whopping $33,000 plus and the baseball, which was the first on that was hit out of Yankee Stadium, is worth over $200,000. By the way the player who hit that ball was Babe Ruth.

Literally everything gets collected from baseballs, footballs, hockey pucks, uniforms, basketballs, ticket stubs, shoes, socks, baseball gloves, football helmets and anything else that was used by the players and were present at the events.

There are numerous trade shows, auction events, sports card stores and events, and online venues, all of which simply fuel the fires of excitement and the pleasure of not only enjoying the hobby, but of making a profit on the buying, selling and trading of the items.

Photographs of players playing, appearing at public events, appearing with notable people and any manner of other historical note is really big. There are many photographs of major sports stars mingling with other notable personalities of their day.

As expected, whenever there is such an onslaught of popular sentiment over such a huge market as sports collectibles, there enters in the shadow of fraudulent scams designed to fleece people out of their money. Sports collectibles and sports memorabilia are no exception with fake autographs, photos, items and everything else in between.

Many high end and expensive items are put through rigorous testing and verification procedures such as holograms for autographs and DNA testing for items purported to have been used by a certain star athlete. For the most part, however, there are may items that are sold to unsuspecting hopefuls that are nowhere near being authentic, and are passed off as being genuine.

Millions of people profess that the collection of sports collectibles and memorabilia offers them enough pleasure as a hobby so that they are not worried about the money. And it is true that millions are collectors for the sheer fun of it.

And of course, everyone hopes to find that one baseball card in the stack that turns out to be worth a lot of money. However, the memories and the people who were with you when the memory was made is perhaps one of the best reasons why sports collectibles has become as popular as it has today.

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