The Joy People Receive From Sports Collectibles

Sports collectibles encompasses everything from sports cards, uniforms, books, bats, footballs, baseballs, basketballs, hockey sticks, ticket stubs and anything else remotely connect to sports in specific and in general.

Books are a particular favourite of mine however we are seeing the physical book get replaced with the electronic ebook over time. Granted I am not anti technology and I have invested in an Amazon Kindle to read thing like biographies on my favourite sports stars. If you are interested in the technology behind these ebooks then take a look at This site will show you a comparison of kindles so that you can see which device suits you best.

Reading about sports and collecting sports memorabilia is a big things for many and the lives of many people who are coaching and bringing up their children in sports, or those having played sports themselves are controlled by their sporting obsessions. As well as watching and listening to sporting events in person, on television and on the radio, they literally spend all their time, energy and money obsessed by their favourite team.

Sporting memorabilia and sports collectibles are all about the memories and the people who were associated with the memories with you at the time. The drama of the moment and the victory your team had in that championship game is what memories are made of.

This is why millions of people share the collectibles and why some of them are worth so much money. For example a Phil Rizzuto baseball card from the 1950’s is worth $195. That is not a huge sum, but is is a far cry more than the five cents it took to buy the bubble gum with the card inside the package for the Yankees Hall of Fame shortstop.

To go a step further, the bat that Babe Ruth used to hit the first baseball out of Yankee Stadium has a value of $1.3 million. An early 1933 baseball card of Lou Gehrig, the Yankee slugger who was a contemporary of Ruth is valued at over $33,000.

Everything that is related to sports is considered collectible if enough time has passed and enough people remember the sport, the player, and the events. Again, the reason that the collectibles are remembered is because of the people remember who were in their lives at that time.

The collector has a ticket stub from a baseball game of the team where he and his father attended the games when he was a boy. People collect photos of their favorite athletes in a sport, such as Oscar Robertson or Bill Russel in basketball, Bart Starr or Frank Gifford in football, Hank Aaron or Mickey Mantle in baseball, and so on.

All of these collectible items have a market value and there are countless trade shows, trade events, card stores, online venues and catalogs that promote the buying, selling and trading of all of these items.

You can scarcely go into a flea market anywhere in the United States and not find a stand selling and trading sports cards and memorabilia. Any town in America will likely have a store or hobby shop where they have been carrying sports cards and collectibles for years.

Sports collectibles and memorabilia is a billion dollar business, and millions of Americans take part in this extravaganza. But many of the people who pursue this pastime get as much pleasure out of just collecting the items as they do in making money with it. While it is true that to do anything well, you must have a passion for it, just the memories and recollections of the events behind the items, and the people involved is the reason for the passion.

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